Pebbles Stone Slabs is a leading provider of slabs for stone fabricators and interior designers in Denver, and we’re here with a few tips on how to cut both natural and engineered stone slabs. Read on, get our top tips and advice, and stay safe while cutting stone.

Tips For Cutting Natural Stone Slabs

First, always select the proper diamond blade for the targeted material. Marble is very soft and requires a specialized blade as well as plenty of water to eliminate debris.

Granite is very hard and will require the use of a powerful bridge saw, as well as a specialized blade for the best results.

Quartzite is even harder than granite. Make sure you use a specialized, segmented blade that’s up for the job, and can handle the cutting of hard materials.

Tips For Cutting Manufactured Stone Slabs

When cutting engineered quartz, you can use a similar blade as you’d use for granite, since they are similar in hardness. However, cooling is more important, since the resin binders in quartz cannot hold up to high temperatures.

Porcelain takes up to 3x longer to cut than natural stone due to its hardness. A non-segmented blade should be used to avoid chipping while cutting the stone, like a continuous rim blade. Proper cooling and water flow are essential to cool the blade and the stone properly.

Choose The Right Blade And Equipment For The Job!

Above all else, make sure you have a power saw and the right blade and are prepared to cool the stone as you cut it. This ensures the best possible results.

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