Slab Stone Process & Pricing

Process and Pricing
Step 1:  Explore our gallery showroom. Pebbles is open to the public M-F 8am – 5pm, Sat 9am – 1pm. To accommodate individual hand-selection we offer slab movement Monday thru Friday. While exploring our slab gallery, learn more about our slab prices listed on each type slab.

Step 2: Visually experience our unique stone slab selections (granite, marble, quartz etc).  Bring your design samples (backsplash, tile, flooring, cabinet door) and let your creativity take you away to the kitchen of your dreams.

Step 3:  Selecting a professional fabricator.  You may already have a fabricator or need one, either way, we welcome all fabricators. Stone fabricators are professionally skilled tradesmen that transform our raw material into your envisioned finished project.

Pricing Info

  • Retail pricing listed on slabs (prices differ between granite slab cost, marble slab prices, and quartz slab prices).
  • A two-week hold window is available to accommodate project schedules or to gather bids and secure a fabricator.
  • No money down for two-week holds.
  • All purchases are made by your chosen fabricator.

Pebbles slab pricing is categorized into 7 levels, level 1 being the least expensive, and level 7 the most expensive. The levels reflect the rarity of the stone and thus the increase in price. Because we are a specialty wholesaler we are able to acquire slab stone at lower prices and we pass that savings onto your fabricator. Call us today to learn more about our granite slabs’ cost, as well as the prices for our marble slabs and our quartz slabs.