Quartzite Slabs For Sale Denver, CO

Quartzite, unlike engineered quartz, is a natural metamorphic stone formed out of sandstone beneath the surface of the Earth. Quartz minerals make up nearly the entire rock, sticking together over time and creating vast formations that are then quarried to harvest quartzite stone slabs. Quartzite is found all over the world, and boasts stunning, unique patterns that look similar to that of marble slabs, but with enhanced durability. As quartz minerals form together they create an extremely dense rock that isn’t prone to cracking or scratching and can serve as the perfect surface for various areas in your client’s home. Quartzite countertops are a popular choice for those who prefer the look of marble but desire a stone that can handle heavy use on a daily basis. In fact, in the case of outdoor kitchens or tables, quartzite provides a long-lasting solution as it is highly resistant to UV rays and won’t produce any discoloration or fading.

Uses for Quartzite Stone Slabs

Like other natural stone products such as granite, marble, or engineered quartz, wholesale quartzite slabs can be used for a variety of different purposes within a home or office setting. Most commonly, quartzite slabs are used for:

  • Kitchens. Used widely in kitchens, quartzite countertops are a popular choice due to their extreme durability and resistance to high heat. Unlike marble, which is softer, quartzite countertops won’t scratch or crack while you’re cutting or preparing food.
  • Bathrooms. Quartzite isn’t overly porous and boasts simple cleaning requirements. This means that it’s a great choice for bathroom vanity tops and can be paired with either an under-mount or vessel sink to help you achieve a specific look.
  • Showers. If you’re trying to achieve a more luxurious feel for a shower, quartzite offers a truly unique backdrop that can withstand constant moisture without degrading the quality, color, or polished finish.
  • Flooring. Flooring needs to be durable for heavy traffic, and wholesale quartzite slabs offer the strength and density that is required to handle the load. You can finish entire rooms or choose to pair quartzite with tiles or wood floors to create a custom finish for your space.
  • Stairs. Stairways are known to wear much faster than other areas of your home. Quartzite can make for the perfect finish that will hold up for a lifetime of up and down traffic.

Why Choose Pebbles Stone Slabs for Wholesale Quartzite Slabs In Denver, Colorado?

At Pebbles Stone Slabs, we make it simple to find the best premium quartzite stone slabs for sale in Denver, CO for any project. Whether you’re a natural stone fabricator, an interior designer, or a DIY homeowner, our indoor slab yard in Westminster, CO has the stone you need, including a wide selection of granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, dolomite, schist, and soapstone stone slabs. We carry more than 2000 slabs in our inventory. Once you’ve selected your quartzite stone slabs, we offer a 2-week holding window so that you can coordinate your schedule or allow time to receive bids from fabricators. We can also help you find a fabricator as we work with numerous fabricators in the Denver Metro area.

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