Wholesale Stone Slabs Services Near Denver, CO

Pebbles Stone Slabs is one of the most trusted stone suppliers in Denver and we are committed to offering the highest quality stone slabs for sale in the area. Premium stone makes a big difference, and our indoor slab yard is loaded with more than 2000 unique stone slab options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for natural or engineered stone for your project, our team will help you make the right choice while you enjoy the benefit of our low wholesale prices.

We source our granite, quartz, marble, and quartzite slabs from all over the world to bring you the best colors, patterns, and durability options for your home or your customer’s home. With multiple options including granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, dolomite, schist, and soapstone, there’s something for everyone’s needs and tastes. Our slab yard is easily accessible here in Westminster, CO near Denver and we invite you to visit us to pick out specific slabs for your next project.

Fabricator’s Consignment Program

It isn’t always feasible to purchase slabs that your customers may never choose, which is why we offer consignment to fabricators who want to showcase premium stone slabs at a wholesale price to their customers. We can stock your slab yard with 20 colors of your choice, 2 slabs of each color, and have backup stock in case you require more to meet the needs of a larger project. As prominent stone suppliers in Denver, we can also accommodate builder bundles so that you’ll always have what you need for your customers. You can delay payment until your customers make their purchase, and enjoy the variety of slabs until they do. This program can provide you with a competitive edge and help you to secure additional jobs without turning customers away due to a lack of stock in your slab yard. We welcome all fabricators and have designed our fabricator’s consignment program to support local businesses.

 Interior Designer Program

As an interior designer, you understand the importance of providing value to your clients and carefully choosing options that contribute to the success of their project. This means making wise budgetary considerations when it comes to supply and installation, and Pebbles Stone Slabs is ready to support that initiative by enabling you to purchase material directly from a trusted natural stone countertop supplier and choose from various fabricators who can help you realize your stone countertop goals while maintaining your client’s budget.

Common Uses for Wholesale Stone Slabs

Both natural and engineered stone slabs can be used for a variety of different home and DIY projects, and they have become a standard for many home builders in recent years. Most commonly, the stone slabs from our slab yard are used for:

  • Kitchens. A serious upgrade from traditional laminate, granite, marble, quartz, and more can add a splash of luxury to any kitchen and provide a robust prep space to handle the daily needs of any family.
  • Showers. In place of acrylic, natural and engineered stone can be used to enhance the bathing experience and create a more spa-like allure. We have numerous stone slabs for sale that can be used to take showers to the next level of style and sophistication.
  • Bathrooms. Stone is easy to clean and is a popular choice for bathroom vanity tops. Paired with either an undermount or vessel sink, you can create a look that blends perfectly with your unique style.
  • Sinks. Instead of traditional stainless options, granite and quartz make for excellent sinks that won’t scratch or discolor. They can be matched to the countertop color to blend right in and create a sleek, minimalist look.
  • Flooring. Marble, granite, and other stone products can create a unique feature when used in flooring applications. Cover large expanses or inlay stone with either hardwood or tile to add a luxurious flair to any room.

Why Choose Pebbles Stone Slabs?

We are one of the top stone suppliers in Denver and offer unique wholesale stone slabs that can provide a high-end solution for any project. All of our retail prices are listed openly in our slab yard, and we offer a 2-week hold window to accommodate your schedule. Contact us today at (720) 405-2000 or fill out the form submission below for more information.