Granite Slabs For Sale Denver, CO


Granite is not a new phenomenon, and, across the country, this natural stone has become a standard for many new homes as builders look to entice would-be buyers with more luxurious finishes.

As a natural stone, granite is able to easily handle the elements and can perform for many years inside of a home with normal wear and tear. There is a lot of variety when it comes to granite slabs, and their unique patterns result from their original geographic locations. Flecks, veins, and swirls of color can be found throughout many granite slabs and when polished, reveal stunning natural formations and details that make them a highly popular choice for interior finishes. Granite is found all over the world, and there truly is a color for everyone – whether antique brown from Madagascar or gleaming, emerald-like Uba Tuba from Brazil.

Pebbles Stone Slabs offers an all-inclusive purchasing experience for designers, builders, fabricators, homeowners, and architects. As a granite wholesale supplier, our specialty is the importation and distribution of top-quality products including granite slabs. Find the best granite for sale in Denver, CO today!

We source stone products from around the globe to bring you and your customers more selection in terms of patterns, colors, and stone types, and we stock thousands of stone slabs in our indoor slab yard. Contact us today to get more information about our granite slab buying process.

Using Granite Slabs For Numerous Projects

Granite slabs enable you to bring a natural look inside a home while also offering the durability your client needs for everyday functionality. Short of hitting them with a hammer, granite slabs are about as durable as you can get. Easy to clean and maintain, granite also adds monetary value to a home should your client decide to sell their property as prospective buyers are attracted to the use of high-end natural materials.

Granite Countertops. Homeowners looking for a clean, stylish, and expansive look for their updated kitchens should consider using granite countertops to complete their desired look. Granite countertops, while common, greatly enhance the value of a kitchen or bathroom vanity and give off a solid, sturdy vibe. The color and pattern choices are nearly endless, and there are numerous cabinet finishes that pair perfectly and help to further bring out the slab’s color. Granite countertops need to be sealed in order to protect against food bacteria and in some cases with lighter colors, accidental staining. However, cleaning is easy, and the shine, glimmer, and sparkle that granite countertops give off are worth their few maintenance needs.

Granite Sinks. Granite sinks made from granite slabs add the perfect finishing touch to a new kitchen with sweeping granite countertops. Straying from the traditional stainless steel sink, a granite sink enables homeowners to match their sink to their counters and create an extremely unique look to complement their décor. While traditional sinks can become scratched and dull, granite sinks are resistant to common scuffs and will look their best for much longer. They can be finished with ornate bevels, a bull-nose, or a Roman ogee to suit your specific style and are easy to keep clean.

Find Granite For Sale In Denver, CO & Choose Pebbles Stone Slabs as your Granite Wholesale Supplier

At Pebbles Stone Slabs, we’re committed to sourcing stone from around the globe to bring you unique solutions for your home. Granite slabs are one of our specialties, but we also carry a vast selection of marble, quartz, quartzite, dolomite, schist, and soapstone. We want you to have full control over the finishes in your home, and our products are chosen carefully to ensure that there is something for everyone’s taste. We stock more than 2000 natural and engineered slabs including granite slabs at our indoor yard here in Westminster, CO, and welcome you to walk around and find the right fit for your project and your home. All of our prices are listed on our slabs, so you’ll have all of the information you need readily available to help with your decision.

Whether you’re a fabricator, designer, or homeowner, our team will happily assist with your material needs and can offer you a 2-week hold window on all of our slabs to give you the time necessary for your project. Contact us today at (720) 405-2000 to get more information about granite wholesale prices and discuss our granite slabs for sale in Denver, CO for your next home project.