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Put Your Best Slabs Forward With Our Unique Inventory

Pebbles Stone Slabs is a quartz, marble & granite slabs wholesale supplier in Westminster, CO, near Denver. Our specialty is the importation and distribution of top quality stone products such as granite, quartz, quartzite, dolomite, marble, schist, and soapstone. We have the ability to stock your yard with unique stone slabs that meet the ever-changing needs of your customers and can help you enhance your service offering by providing you with access to a wide array of fabrication-ready material. Our Fabricators Consignment Program has been designed to give fabricators an edge and supply them with the stone inventory they need to secure new projects.

When you work with Pebbles Stone Slabs as part of our Fabricators Consignment Program, you receive the benefit of having more stone slab options at your disposal. As a quartz, marble, and granite wholesale stone supplier, we source stone products from around the globe to bring you and your customers more selection in terms of colors, patterns, and stone types, and we stock approximately thousands of stone slabs in our indoor slab yard. These unique slabs are often the key to securing additional business opportunities and can help your company serve more customers with better materials.

Who Can Benefit?

Our Fabricators Consignment Program is intended to serve fabricators who have encountered the following roadblocks in their business:

  • You’ve lost out on jobs because you didn’t have the right stone
  • You’ve had to delay projects while waiting for stone shipments
  • You’ve sent customers to stone suppliers only to never see them again
  • You install 5 kitchens per week and need a dedicated stone slab supplier
  • You need more variety to serve a wider range of customers
  • You need better stone options but are restricted by cash flow

In most cases, the best way to ensure that your customers will stick with you is to provide them with an array of options to choose from at a price that meets their budgetary requirements. But that isn’t always easy when you have stock sitting in your yard and limited cash flow. As a quartz, marble and granite wholesale supplier, Pebbles Stone Slabs can stock your yard with 20 new colors of your choice and 2 slabs of each color (or builder bundles if that’s what you require). If you need more than 2 of each color, no problem – we have rows of matching backup stock if you need more material for a specific project or sell multiple jobs of the same color. This main point is that this program enables you to delay payment until the slabs have been purchased by your customers. Simply put, we’ll stock your yard for you!

Many of our fabricators have increased their sales by 20% due to this program, and you can, too. Once customers purchase the slabs, your payment to us would be due by the 10th of the next month following the invoice (Net 10 EOM). This gives you the flexibility you need to create more interest and increase sales without the need to pay for more stock upfront.

Pebbles Stone Slabs: Your Wholesale Natural Stone Supplier

We have ample experience with the importation of top-quality stone slabs and have secured the wholesale pricing necessary to offer you the ability to undercut your competition. If there are slabs that you need that we don’t carry, we’ll work with you to source specific material from all over the world to meet the needs of your customers. When you increase your sales, we increase ours, and our Fabricators Consignment Program is a useful tool designed to benefit both parties as well as the customers who get to enjoy unique materials from a trusted stone slab supplier.

To sign up for our Fabricators Consignment Program and receive the benefits of working directly with a natural stone slab supplier, call us today at (720) 405-2000 or fill out the contact form submission below and we’ll stock your yard for you.