Quartz Slabs For Sale Denver, CO

Quartz slabs are unique in the world of natural stone products in that they are engineered and manufactured into quartz countertops and other applications. Quartz minerals are naturally found in the earth as small particles, but to get engineered quartz, they are bonded with resins in order to produce a durable, high-strength product. Quartz countertops are immensely popular and have become a standard for many home builders due to their durability and the fact that they cannot be stained by foods or liquids. But while quartz has many upsides, it isn’t quite the same as natural stone and comes with a few disadvantages when compared to granite. If exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods, the resins can start to turn yellow, similar to plastic or other materials that are more sensitive to UV rays. Quartz also isn’t as heat resistant as natural rock, and it can burn if hot pans are left on its surface. That said, many homeowners prefer the perfected look of quartz countertops and agree that the pros outweigh the cons.

Uses for Wholesale Quartz Slabs

Like other natural stone products, quartz slabs can be used to add luxurious styling to many parts of a home and offer little variation in terms of patterns. This makes them easy to match with other colors, textures, and materials. Quartz slabs are often used In Denver for:

  • Kitchens. Quartz countertops can add elegance to any kitchen or bar space without the imperfections and irregularities that come with granite or marble. They are stronger than other rock surfaces and won’t damage under heavy regular use.
  • Bathrooms. Virtually indestructible, quartz is often used for bathroom vanity tops as it can be cleaned and maintained very easily. It can provide a sturdy base for either an undermount or vessel sink and enable you to pair with lots of different color options.
  • Showers. For those seeking a more sophisticated look for their shower walls, quartz slabs offer an impermeable solution that will last a lifetime of washing up. No fading, no discoloration, and no wearing down.
  • Sinks. Quartz slabs can be used to create custom sinks that perfectly match your countertops and provide a sleek and subtle look for your kitchen. Highly resistant to scratching, you can wash dishes enthusiastically without the stress of ruining anything.
  • Flooring. Whether you want to cover an entire room or use it as an accent to mix with tile or wood options, quartz used as a flooring material gives you a highly durable solution that isn’t going to wear down with heavy traffic.

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