Soapstone Slabs

Soapstone, also called “steatite” is a metamorphic rock primarily composed of talc. This means it’s softer than many other minerals, but it’s very dense, almost twice as dense as marble, limestone, granite, and slate. This also makes soapstone slabs impermeable to staining, as liquid cannot penetrate the surface.

Pebbles Stone Slabs carries an array of soapstone slabs for sale in Denver that are an attractive, durable, and affordable stone, and commonly used by interior designers and stone fabricators as an alternative to materials like granite, marble, or quartz.

Soapstone Uses

Soapstone slabs come in a lot of styles and attractive colors. It’s commonly used for kitchen countertops, and it’s also great for bathroom countertops, living room fireplaces/hearths, outdoor kitchens, bars, and a wide variety of other applications.

Soapstone Qualities

As mentioned, soapstone is incredibly dense, so it holds twice as much heat per pound compared to iron or steel. Hot pans and pots can be put directly on soapstone countertops without issues, so it’s great for kitchens. It holds up well to thermal stresses, which is why it’s great for fireplaces.

Soapstone is also less brittle than granite, so despite being softer, it’s less likely to crack unexpectedly from heat stress, weight, or impacts. One thing to note when considering soapstone countertops or accents in a soapstone kitchen is that it is completely non-porous and does not require sealing, and is not susceptible to stains from oil, wine, food, makeup, or any other such product or material.

We source stone products from around the globe to bring you and your customers more selection in terms of patterns, colors and stone types, and we stock thousands of stone slabs in our indoor slab yard. Contact us today to get more information about our soapstone slab buying process.

Contact Pebbles Stone Slabs for Soapstone Slabs for Sale in Denver!

Pebbles Stone Slabs is a premier soapstone supplier and has a wide variety of soapstone slabs to offer for interior designers, fabricators, architects etc. With competitive pricing on all slabs, a two-week hold window for your product, and an enormous selection of colors and styles available, you can trust Pebbles Stone Slabs as your #1 soapstone supplier in Denver.

Why Choose Pebbles Stone Slabs as your Soapstone Supplier?

Whether you’re a designer, fabricator, or architect, Pebbles Stone Slabs’ team will be happy to assist with your material needs and we can offer you a 2-week hold on all of our slabs to give you the necessary time for your project. Contact us today at (720) 405-2000 to get more information about soapstone for sale in Denver and discuss your next home project.

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