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Marble has been used around the world for millenniums to add striking natural details to buildings for a variety of different applications, many of which are still valid today. The attractive qualities of marble go beyond just looks, however. Marble is a durable material and one that can not only withstand the elements, but also the wear and tear of a typical household. The iconic grey and black veins meander throughout the stone against its white backdrop and create unique finish opportunities regardless of whether used for walls or flooring or placed on top of cabinets. Marble slabs offer a luxurious look that pairs well with numerous styles and decor choices and there are several modern-day applications to consider for your home. Find all different marble slabs for sale in Denver at Pebbles Stone Slabs today!

Pebbles Stone Slabs offers an all-inclusive purchasing experience for fabricators, from our hold process to our wholesale marble slab pricing. We welcome homeowners, designers, builders, and architects to browse our gallery and our slab yard with or without their fabricator. Contact us today to learn more about our purchasing experience, from visits to our Denver marble slab yard to our wholesale pricing.

Using Marble Slabs For Numerous Projects

Flooring. While many designer homes have been known to feature marble countertops as an alternative to granite or quartz, marble is perhaps most used for flooring. A historical status symbol for the wealthy, marble flooring can add refined luxury to any room and act as the main feature for less prominent rooms to enhance every area of your home.

Stairways. Due to their durability, marble slabs are often chosen as a finish material for stairs as well. Stairs take a beating over time and require materials that can withstand heavy, repetitive traffic. Carpet, wood, and even ceramic or porcelain tiles have limited-service lives on stairs and can become worn down, faded, chipped, and generally degraded. Stairs that utilize marble slabs, however, will continue to showcase their beauty even after many years with low maintenance requirements.

Walls. Marble slabs used on walls provide an unparalleled level of luxury and can serve as artwork all on their own. Large foyers, feature walls, and full height range splashes (paired with marble countertops) are only a few of the places where marble slabs can claim attention, though the possibilities are virtually endless.

That is not all, either. Marble is a highly desirable choice for many applications within a home and as such, there are numerous other uses for this natural stone.

  • Marble countertops. Adorning high-quality cabinetry with marble countertops is a popular choice for many homeowners and creates a refined look for both kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Marble sinks. A rather distinctive departure from standard materials, marble sinks provide a more solid, timeless look.
  • Marble fountains. Stunning exterior fountains made from marble slabs can extend your living space to the outdoors and create a feature piece with a natural presence.
  • Marble columns. For large foyers or open areas, marble columns add a flair of elegance and ornate opulence that can dramatically increase the perceived value of your space.

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We specialize in the importation and distribution of various high-end natural and manufactured stone products to provide our customers with access to unique materials for their homes. We stock more than 2000 slabs at our indoor yard in Westminster, CO including a wide selection of wholesale marble slabs, granite, quartz, and quartzite, as well as dolomite, schist, and soapstone. We source marble slabs and other stone products from around the world to give you the best options, and whether you need marble countertops for your kitchen and bathroom projects or marble slabs for your flooring, stairs, or walls, Pebbles Stone Slabs will help you find the perfect material for your home.

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