Home Improvement Trends In 2021 – What To Expect

The world of home improvement never stays still and is always changing. So, in this blog, Pebbles Stone Slabs will take a look at a few of the most influential home improvement trends in 2021, related to the stone fabrication industry.

Top Home Improvement Trends In Stone Fabrication In 2021

Wondering how the stone industry is changing in 2021? Here are a few top home improvement trends to look out for.

  • Textured finished stone – Textured finishes provide a pleasant contrast to shiny stone, creating a trendy and timeless look.
  • Veined stone – Stone veined with mineral deposits is highly sought after and brings unique hues, textures, and colors to countertops, flooring, and more.
  • Floor-to-ceiling stone – Stone isn’t just for floors and countertops but is being used in backsplashes and even walls in bathrooms, kitchens, and more.
  • Fireplaces & fire pits – Natural stone fireplaces and fire pits are beautiful focal points for decks, patios, and backyards alike.
  • Stone paths and walkways – Winding, natural stone paths, and walkways help accent outdoor decor and landscaping for a stunning result.
  • Stone privacy walls – Forget picket fences. Stone privacy walls last longer, look beautiful and provide unbeatable privacy and protection.
  • Outdoor stone steps – Steps made from natural stone have a unique appeal that can’t be matched by lumber or concrete poured steps.

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