Top Selling Stone Countertops in Denver, CO

Pebbles Stone Slabs is a leading natural stone supplier in Denver, Colorado. It is home to numerous stone slabs hand-selected from different parts of the world. Whether you want natural stone or engineered slabs, we have a solution to satisfy every taste and budget.

Visit our showroom today or browse our inventory of stone slabs online to find a solution that meets your preferences. Our team of experienced countertop salesmen is ready to help you with all your stone project questions and needs.

Our Stone Selections

Here are the top-selling stone types to choose from for your next project.

  • Granite– This is the most durable and easy-to-maintain natural stone. If you are awed by Mother Nature and like diversity, granite is an excellent place to start. At Pebbles Stone Slabs, our priority is to supply affordable granite with appealing features. Our granite stones come in a wide range of colors, so you can never run out of options, no matter your preference or style.
  • Marble– Compared to other stone types, marble is a soft stone. Marble is heat-resistant, perfect for homeowners who want to install countertops for their baking needs. Marble is also ideal for fireplace surrounds, islands, counters, and vanities.
  • Quartz- This is a hard stone used for bathroom and kitchen countertop installation projects. Quartz excels over other stone options since it does not require sealing. Countertop installers have an easier time installing quartz countertops since the material produces fewer waster products.
  • Quartzite- Being a natural material, quartzite offers a unique look that delivers that personal signature to your countertop. Quartzite does not scratch, and it has excellent heat-resistant properties. Visit our showroom to discover one of Mother Nature’s richest treasures.

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