In the world of countertops, soapstone has to be one of the most gorgeous. Soapstone countertops certainly aren’t as common as other materials like quartz, marble, or granite and they don’t receive the kind of hype that a stone like granite does, Pebbles Stone Slabs is here to tell you, that doesn’t mean they’re a bad option. In fact, the beauty, durability, and many of the other qualities of soapstone countertops make them one of the best options available.

The natural beauty of Soapstone countertops

As previously alluded to, soapstone is one are of the most beautiful and visually appealing materials that can be used for a countertop. While it may appear to be rather plain-looking at first glance, the understated natural beauty and subtle veining mean it’ll fit right in regardless of a kitchen’s design aesthetic. Soapstone countertops won’t be too busy or distracting and will add a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

Highly durable

You may think that the natural beauty of soapstone countertops comes at the cost of durability, but that isn’t the case. Soapstone is actually extremely durable, heat resistant, and don’t crack easily because of its density. In fact, soapstone is well known for its incredible heat-resistant properties. The rock is known as “chemically inert” which means that chemicals won’t affect it, so go ahead and place that hot pot right on it without worry and don’t fret about a spill staining the countertop. These properties make it great for those who do a lot of cooking in their kitchen because soapstone countertops will be able to handle most anything that’s placed or spilled on it.

Easy to care for and clean

As a product of its density, soapstone is non-porous which means that its surface is smooth and sealed so liquids and air can’t move through it. This means that spills don’t have to be wiped up immediately to prevent staining but they will linger on the counter’s surface until wiped up. Generally, mild soap and soft sponge should be used for cleaning and regular oiling is necessary for soapstone to maintain its beautiful natural look.

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