As a leading stone supplier in Colorado, Pebbles Stone Slabs knows a thing or two about stone fabrication. Stay safe on the job by following these safety tips and using the proper equipment while cutting stone.

Safety Tips And Equipment For Stone Fabricators

Whether you’re a fabricator or supervising the cutting of stone, you need to protect yourself.

Here is some common gear used by stone fabricators.

  • Hard hats and helmets – A helmet or hard hat should be worn to protect against head injuries from stone shards and other potential hazards. These are usually worn at job sites and also at rockyards when picking out stone slabs.

  • Steel-toed boots – Steel-toed boots protect the feet from crush injuries, which could be caused by dropping stone, power tools, or other heavy items on the feet while cutting stone.
  • Back supports – Back braces and supports help provide support for stone fabricators when moving stone slabs. This is essential for injury prevention, since slabs can weigh in at hundreds of pounds.
  • Sturdy gloves – Work gloves help prevent slipping and protect the hands and fingers while moving and cutting stone slabs. Some gloves may integrate a Kevlar weave to protect against potential cuts and injuries when working a saw.
  • Dust masks and safety goggles – Dust masks prevent the inhalation of stone particles, which can cause lung irritation or even a serious condition called “silicosis” when cutting certain materials like quartz. Safety goggles protect the eyes from stone debris, shards, and other hazards.

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