Popular Tiling Patterns

Stone will always be in fashion for both residential and commercial spaces, as people value classic, durable, beautifully patterned materials. The trends haven’t changed that much in terms of color palettes, shapes, and tile patterns, but each period of time has its tendencies.

Today, customers who choose stone for their homes or businesses are still choosing natural, light-colored models, and going with the classic patterns and tile sizes. However, many others are demanding more creativity, brighter colors, and unexpected shapes.

Here are the most popular tiling patterns right now, a mix of classic and modern.

Brick-Bond Style (Vertical or Horizontal)

Brick patterns never go out of style, especially in commercial spaces. Stone can give nice effects to this pattern, enriching the design with the natural beauty of the material. For this pattern, you need tiles that have a height of at least half the size of the width.

Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone is a classic pattern for flooring and outdoor finishes. It can be used with stone as well, creating dynamic, yet symmetrical patterns, and leading the eye to points of interest.

Linear Tile Pattern

Nothing beats the beauty of simplicity. Linear tile patterns remain a timeless choice for stone fabricators and designers. However, big tiles were increasingly popular in the past years, making it also easier to install and fabricate the tiles.

Hexagon Tile Pattern

A playful, modern style inspired by nature, the hexagon tile pattern can be used for small areas like backlashes. It draws attention and looks beautiful with a brighter colored stone.

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