Geanite is one of nature’s strongest stones, it is found below earth’s surface and is made in a way that it is naturally durable by the slow cooling of magma over time. Granite is a very popular choice for countertops because of its various patterns and colors, and its extreme durability, scratch and heat resistance.

Pebbles Stone Slabs is a proud provider of Golden crystal granite. Our Golden crystal granite is spectacular and rare stone. Also known as Golden Gray granite, quarried from Northern Brazil and most buyers point out their loved for its characteristic colors and swirling patterns. As the name suggests it is a golden forward stone.

Golden Crystal Granite

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Golden Crystal Granite For Sale

Pebbles Stone Slabs’ Golden Crystal Granite creates a feeling of luxuriousness and warmth throughout any room in your home. The bedrock where this granite is from, was formed originally as a brilliant white millions of years ago. Throughout the course of many years, iron oxide has seeped into the stone and rusted the inner veins. This turned the base color of this stone to a slightly off white/creamy/golden color.

The cream background is offset by its characteristic golden color veins, being those oxidation inserts. What you are actually looking at in the swirling patterns in the stone is the route the liquid minerals took through the stone over millions of years. There are usually specks of black minerals that are dotted all over the stone in varying levels – which are usually not all that visible from a distance.

You will get a reasonable amount of variation within golden crystal. The amount of black specks and its creamy base color are usually quite uniform. The main variation comes with the amount of iron oxide golden veins in the stone – and their shape/size.

Golden Crystal Granite

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