A natural stone slab is just that: natural. It has existed since the dawn of time and boasts rugged, relentless qualities that have made it a popular material used in numerous structures, monuments, and sculptures across the globe for centuries. So, are stone countertops any different? How long do granite countertops last? Given the history of stone, the answer shouldn’t come as a surprise. With proper care and maintenance, stone countertops can last a lifetime; they have the potential to be around more than 100 years from now. Regularly sealing your natural stone slab countertops (except for quartz) helps to protect them from staining and deterioration that can arise from normal, everyday use, and ensure that they continue to provide a sleek, quality surface.

Natural Stone Slab Table Exposed To The Elements

How Long Do Granite Countertops Last?

If you neglect to seal your granite countertops for several years and use harsh or acidic cleaners to clean them you will effectively shorten their lifespan and make them more susceptible to cracking, breaking, or flaking away. Therefore, it’s so important to maintain a regular schedule for sealing granite countertops. If you remain adamant about their upkeep, granite countertops will last much longer than other elements of your home. Remember, before they were installed in your kitchen or bathroom, your granite slabs survived for thousands of years (or more) but were still affected by the elements, erosion, and other environmental factors. Pebbles Stone Slabs suggests sealing your granite countertops regularly will help to keep them looking shiny and new, unlike materials such as laminate or tile that can look faded over time.

Caring for Softer Stone Countertops

Softer stone countertops such as marble or limestone need a little extra attention to ensure that they are kept up to their original high standard. They may have a shorter lifespan than harder stones such as granite or quartz products but should easily outlast the rest of your home with the right care. It’s essential that you use the correct products for your stone type and stay away from harsh, abrasive cleaners at all costs. Ensuring that your natural stone slabs have been installed correctly also helps to relieve any strain they could be under which might lessen their lifespan. Proper shimming can ensure that your slabs aren’t floating and are instead securely seated on top of your cabinet walls.

Stone Countertops That Will Last a Lifetime at Pebbles Stone Slabs

At Pebbles Stone Slabs, we want you to find the right countertops for your home that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment, productivity, and utilization. The stone slabs that we carry are the best of the best, and we’re committed to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your selection. If you have found yourself wondering, “how long do granite countertops last?” we are here to provide the answers and assist you with your purchase from beginning to end. We’ll support you with detailed care instructions regardless of the type of stone you choose to help you protect your investment and get the most from your countertops. We carry more than 2000 natural stone slabs ranging from granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, dolomite, schist, and soapstone that have been waiting for thousands of years to make their debut in your home, and with a little care and attention, they’ll perform for you and your family for many years to come. Visit our indoor slab yard in Westminster, CO to view multiple slabs in person, or contact us at (720) 405-2000 to speak to our team about your next natural stone slab project. We can also help you find a fabricator as we work with numerous fabricators in the Denver Metro area.