Installing Granite Countertops: What To Expect

Granite countertops are a classic choice for many remodels. Pebbles Stone Slabs is a provider of durable, elegant, natural-looking granite countertops that combine style and function. These beautiful countertops help transform kitchens and bathrooms into more stylish and sophisticated spaces, so they might be right for you if you’re looking to give your home a chic upgrade.

Here are some of Pebbles Stone Slab’s tips for installing granite countertops.

How to Prep for Your Granite Countertops Installation

Preparing for countertops installation is easy, but many homeowners might not be fully aware of what it involves:

● Removing old countertops if necessary
● Making a path through the home to ensure the stones can be easily transported to the kitchen
● Leveling cabinets before installation, if necessary
● Covering certain areas to avoid contact with granite dust

Other Things to Expect During Countertop Installation

Now that you know how to prep for your new countertops, it’s also worth going through some other things you should be aware of during the granite countertops installation:

Double-Check the Details – From the style to the color, be sure to double-check everything before the team comes to ensure you have a smooth process.

Be at the Installation – This helps you monitor the process and even assist the team in how to handle the installation.

Plan Some Activities for the Family – Countertop installation can take a few hours, and it’s quite a noisy process. Other members of your family and even pets should steer clear of the work area.

Ask for Maintenance Tips – The team who installs the cabinets knows how to care for it best, so be sure to use this time to ask for maintenance tips.

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