How to Get Perfect Seams On Your Stone Installations

No matter what type of stone you work with when installing a countertop, a backsplash, or any kind of stone finishing, it’s very important to master the perfect seams. Invisible (or nearly invisible) seams can be obtained by following a few guidelines when working with stone.

 Here are the main tactics and methods to obtain flawless seams:

1. Match the Pattern on the Stone Slabs

When installing a piece that will be the center of attention, and the customer requires high attention to detail, make sure you have slabs that match the stone pattern. When gluing them together, be careful to align the pattern as well as you can.

2. Milling the Edges Before Glueing

Slabs might have many chips and dents along the edge, following the cutting process. CNC milling will smooth them out and leave a perfect surface for gluing.

3. Using Custom Colored Epoxy

To make the seam blend in perfectly with the stone, you sometimes need to create custom colored resins. If you are looking for an art-level result, let our staff help you mix the right pigments.

4. Grind

If the final seam still shows minor defects, you can grind the excess and level the edge with a polisher to avoid defects visible when light shines on the slabs. Ideally, any leveling and polishing are done before the two slabs are glued together.

5. Use the Right Adhesive

Don’t forget to use only the type of glue recommended for the stone you work with. The adhesive should be chosen based on specifications from the stone distributor.

Over to You

If you have an upcoming job that requires the perfect seam and you need some advice, specific products, or a special kind of stone, contact Pebble Stone Slabs in Denver. We will help you select the best methods and materials to achieve a flawless result.