Natural stone quarries use large diamond-coated saws to cut through massive quantities of stone to create large, unbroken slabs that can be used for a variety of purposes – countertops, wall tile, floor tile, and more. To create a large selection of varying stone slabs there are two different types of cuts: the CrossCut and the Vein Cut. While both cuts bring out the natural beauty hidden inside these rocks, different cuts can result in drastically different-looking slabs with their own unique colors, veining, and movement even if they were cut from the same rock.

What is a CrossCut Stone?

If a stone has been CrossCut, that means it has been sliced perpendicular – at a 90-degree angle – to the bedrock. Essentially, the rock is cut across the veins to expose large fragments of color variations that appear as crystals, floral patterns, spots, and more. Typically, though, the CrossCut creates a cloudy, swirling look that makes it seem as though the stone is moving.

What is a Vein Cut stone?

The Vein Cut exposes long veins on the slab, creating a far more elegant and less busy look than the CrossCut. To achieve this, the stone is cut parallel to the bedrock so the veins can run interrupted across the entirety of the slab. There is far less color variation, as the compressed sediment that makes us the veins is usually white or black in color. Between the two, the Vein Cut is the more traditional one and is commonly used for marble tiles and slabs.

What’s the best cut for you?

It really depends on the design style you’re going for and what your preferences are. You certainly can get a lot more variation with different colors and patterns the CrossCut creates, however, if you’re looking for something more understated then the Vein Cut may be the way to go.

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