As a fabricator or interior designer, you’ll be working with granite countertops a lot. They’re a popular choice for homeowners looking to remodel their kitchen or bath and they’ll be relying on you to install them correctly and efficiently. To ensure the job is done right the first time and your clients are ecstatic with the finish, consult this handy countertop finishing guide and follow these finishing tips and steps closely.

Types Of Finishes For Countertops

There are four different types of finished – polished, honed, leathered, and flamed – and we’ll be focusing on the different look each finish achieves in this countertop finishing guide.

Polished Finish

A polished finish is the most ubiquitous option in this countertop finishing guide, and for good reason – it achieves a glossy, reflective finish for a very classy and upscale look. This shine is accomplished by using fine polishing pads to buff the stone, giving it a smooth feel and enhancing the colors to make them richer and darker. This process seals more pores to help the granite will repel water and moisture, making it extremely stain resistant. It also makes the countertop easier to clean. The mirror-like surface beautifully reflects light, making it a great choice to brighten up a small, dark space.

Honed Finish

Honed finishes are achieved by stopping the manufacturing process before the stone gets buffed to create a flat, matte finish with very little to no sheen. The softer look can help create a cozier, more casual, and rustic vibe with the muted colors. Keep in mind that this finish is better for lighter granite countertops, as it’s not very noticeable in dark colors.

Leathered Finish

The leathered finish is a relatively new finish that creates texture in the granite you can feel. It starts out as a honed finish before the slab is textured with diamond-tipped brushes that run across it, creating various dimples and imperfections in the stone. The leathered finish is great for darker colors and is great at hiding stains, disguising smudges and smears, and masking water spots.

Flamed Finish

Arguably the most unique of these four finishes, flamed granite countertops add a rough texture and fade appearance with intense flames are fired directly at the slab. This finish allows the grains in the granite to burst through, becoming rough and changing their color due to the heat. While it can be done for interior projects, flamed finishes are more prominently used for an outdoor kitchen or bar countertops because they can stand up to moisture incredibly well.

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