What Is Book Matching?

Book matching describes two or more stone slabs that have been manufactured to match the pattern, movement, and veining found in the material. They’re then placed end to end with the movement and veining continuing seamlessly from one slab to another, creating a stunning mirror image effect. That’s where the “book” in the name comes from, as when placed together the two slabs open up like a book. They’re popularly used as headboards in a master bedroom and in place of tiled walls in bathrooms, but because book matching stone slabs make for quite the statement piece, they can add beautiful visual interest to any room.

The Process Of Book Matching Stone Slabs

The process can be done with both natural and engineered slabs, but always starts with large stones brought in from a quarry being cut into slabs with specialized tools in the same way a bread slicer slices up a loaf of bread. Once cut, the slabs are laid flat, polished on opposite sides for a nice glossy look, and then packaged together.

Because the appeal of book matching stone slabs is the beauty of the mirrored movement and veining, stones with naturally have strong movement and veining are the best to use. This includes marble, quartzite, travertine, and granite but really any metamorphic rock. Metamorphic rocks have more movement and veining because they go through metamorphism, a process that chemically alters the rock when exposed to heated fluids. In this process, minerals get leached out of the rock and create beautiful veining.

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As mentioned previously, book matching stone slabs are often used in bedrooms and bathrooms, but they can work in any room, and with the variety of colors, veining, and movements there’s a pair of slabs that can match any design aesthetic.

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